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Welcome to Agile H

James Knott in Tijuana, MexicoWhatever your need may be, Agile H Productions gives your project a personal touch with worldwide broadcast experience that most small production houses can't provide.

If you have a special occasion to document or an important message that you need to broadcast on television or the internet, then give us a call.

Agile H Productions specializes in producing top-notch videos for clients and is headed by Producer James Knott.

Bull fight in Okinawa, JapanAgile H Productions can offer materials for:

  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Sales / Promotional Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Weddings
  • Travel


Check out my web site This web site features travel videos from all over the world, from myself, as well as other great filmmakers. It's a great way to cut through the muck and find some good information about where you go.

My videos are featured on several sites including


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Featured Videos...

Cajun Swamp:
Lake Martin in Louisiana
Aligator in Cajun Country,  Louisiana

Visting Tijuana, Mexico:
A Travel Guide
Church in Tijuana, Mexico

2 Heading North
Hibiscus on side of Route 58

6 Family in Nakijin
Photo of Juna Ooshiro

9 The Jungles of

Lizard at Yonaha-Dake

10 Ocean Expo Park
and Churaumi Aquarium
Shark at Churaumi Aquarium

11 Togyu
Okinawan Bullfighting

Togyu - Okinawan Bullfighting

14 Naha
Monorail in Naha

17 World's Largest

Naha Tsunahiki - World's Largest Tug-of-War

25 WW2 Peace
WW2 Peace Memorial - Cornerstone of Peace

Site designed by James Knott
Agile H Productions, LLC
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